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Month: February 2015

Why Breakfast Is Important

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A Heinlein, science fiction author   As much as Tony the Tiger may urge us all to eat a complete breakfast, many people – children, teens, & adults – start their day without first eating breakfast.  Morning routines can […]

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9 Things That You Might Not Know About Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is generally viewed as a holiday on which we celebrate the birthdays of two great American presidents – George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.  And also a time when we see a lot a commercials for sales on things like furniture & automobiles.  But did you know these facts about Presidents’ Day & the […]

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Talking with Your High Schooler About Grades

High school is a highly formative time in a person’s life – a time of dependence on parents, but also of spreading one’s own wings in independence, as well as the tension between the two.  As a parent, you probably know to steer clear of micro-managing your teen’s life, yet you also want to be […]

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Why Food Matters

Food is the fuel that runs our bodies. We say that we are what we eat, but that doesn’t mean that we turn into the food. It means we take the nutrients out of the food, just like we take wood out of trees. We use wood to build houses, and we use food to build our […]

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