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Month: April 2015

Test Preparation Tips

“Tests, and the studying that is needed to prepare for tests, can be very stressful and overwhelming for students. Most of the time, students don’t know where to start with all their class materials or how to study the materials in an effective manner.” – Dr. Lynn Fontana, education expert Learning how to take exams […]

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Finances: How to Teach Your Child to Handle Money Wisely

“With many families struggling in tough economic times, financial literacy and the ability to make smart spending decisions have never been more important.” – Dr. Rick Bavaria, education expert Learning how to handle money is a critically important life skill for any responsible person, & studies show that kids as young as 7 are forming […]

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After School Activity Ideas for Spring

  Winter is over!  Trees are budding, gardens are coming to life, and the weather is getting warmer. Perhaps your child plays a spring sport, but have you considered an after school activity that is directly educational? Whether it is a program at your child’s school or an activity that you do with your child […]

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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

“STEM is becoming a more and more prominent topic in the mainstream and is something that should be considered by all parents.  Have you noticed that some major companies are putting efforts behind STEM?.” – Kim Vij More & more, the term “STEM” – which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math – has been […]

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9 Ways to Make Math Fun

“Show your kids that Math is more than just a school subject.  Let them see you doing math in the kitchen, in the garage, in the grocery store, at a restaurant.  If you disliked Math in school, keep it to yourself.  They don’t need “permission” to dislike it, too.  That’s not an option in today’s […]

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