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Month: September 2015

Math Outside the Classroom

From managing money to measuring for recipes & home projects, math skills are needed in the day-to-day life of practically every adult. Many useful math skills can be learned & reinforced in real-life situations, where kids can best see how learning math is indeed relevant to their lives. Award-winning educator Melissa Taylor has some fantastic […]

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Reading Game Spotlight: Funny Mix

  Sylvan’s Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Przywara, had a great experience at Literacy Night at her kids’ school recently. The biggest revelation was a game called Funny Mix, a creation of Jaclyn Paris, a teacher & mom in Maryland. The card-based game teaches children to read while interacting with each other & having fun! Read […]

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Science + Apples = Fun!

As students & parents alike get back in to the groove of the school year, learning again takes center stage. Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of a school, though. Parents & their children can do fun & educational science experiments at home, & doing so helps show kids that they […]

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