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Math Outdoors

Autumn is an excellent season to get out into nature with your family. Whether or not you notice it, math activities abound in the outdoors – you just have to be looking for them. Educator, blogger, & mom Amanda Boyarshinov has some excellent suggestions on how you & your children can experience nature & use […]

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Engineering Like Bees

Do your kids like building things? Are you looking for fun, educational activities to do with them at home? Kids can learn about engineering while having fun with this activity by mom & award-winning educator Melissa Taylor. Simply see below or click here to read more. Not only are bees master engineers, but they are also […]

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Reading Game Spotlight: Funny Mix

  Sylvan’s Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Przywara, had a great experience at Literacy Night at her kids’ school recently. The biggest revelation was a game called Funny Mix, a creation of Jaclyn Paris, a teacher & mom in Maryland. The card-based game teaches children to read while interacting with each other & having fun! Read […]

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Science + Apples = Fun!

As students & parents alike get back in to the groove of the school year, learning again takes center stage. Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of a school, though. Parents & their children can do fun & educational science experiments at home, & doing so helps show kids that they […]

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Ready for First Grade?

The start of the 2015-2016 school year is upon us, & parents like of rising 1st graders, are looking to make sure that all of the i’s get dotted & all of the t’s get crossed as your child gets ready for starting a new grade in school. You have likely gotten all of the […]

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STEM Coding: 4 Reasons Your Child Should Learn It

The current generation of children are growing up around technology, making them what has been termed “digital natives”. While not every child will necessarily work in STEM fields, computers, IT, or the like, it does figure to be important for youth to have a working knowledge of learn how technology operates. Coding – provides an […]

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Summer + Legos = Fun!

Summer is a great time for students to do some hands-on learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, & mathematics. Click the link below to see some of blogger Heather Smith’s cool STEM projects involving LEGOs that you & your child will really enjoy! Summer LEGO Learning by Heather Smith

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Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School

If your child is just about to complete elementary school & make the jump to middle school, you & your child may both have some questions as to what transitioning to the new environment will be like.  There are steps you can take to be prepared – read on for some suggestions from the Sylvan […]

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Reading: 3 Ideas for Reluctant Readers

Some kids love to read; others rarely feel inclined to pick up a book of their own just for enjoyment. Getting children interested in reading chapter books at an appropriate age is a great stepping stone into more involved, complicated reading when they are older.  But that doesn’t mean that chapter books are the only […]

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Finances: How to Teach Your Child to Handle Money Wisely

“With many families struggling in tough economic times, financial literacy and the ability to make smart spending decisions have never been more important.” – Dr. Rick Bavaria, education expert Learning how to handle money is a critically important life skill for any responsible person, & studies show that kids as young as 7 are forming […]

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