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9 Things That You Might Not Know About Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is generally viewed as a holiday on which we celebrate the birthdays of two great American presidents – George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.  And also a time when we see a lot a commercials for sales on things like furniture & automobiles.  But did you know these facts about Presidents’ Day & the […]

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24 Things That You Might Not Know About Christmas

As the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” – the Christmas season.  Many of the traditions that are widely celebrated have unusual origins that most people rarely think about.  And Christmas traditions around the world vary greatly across countries & cultures, often in fascinating ways.  Here are some fun trivia facts […]

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Fun and Festive Fourth of July Must-Do’s!

This year marks the 238th year since the United States of America declared their freedom.  As Americans, we love to celebrate this day with food, activities and crafts—you know, all the Pinterest-esque essentials!  Speaking of which, have you seen Pinterest lately?  It’s jam-packed with crafts and activities that are PERFECT for all of your July […]

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