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Reading Game Spotlight: Funny Mix

  Sylvan’s Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Przywara, had a great experience at Literacy Night at her kids’ school recently. The biggest revelation was a game called Funny Mix, a creation of Jaclyn Paris, a teacher & mom in Maryland. The card-based game teaches children to read while interacting with each other & having fun! Read […]

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Reading: 3 Ideas for Reluctant Readers

Some kids love to read; others rarely feel inclined to pick up a book of their own just for enjoyment. Getting children interested in reading chapter books at an appropriate age is a great stepping stone into more involved, complicated reading when they are older.  But that doesn’t mean that chapter books are the only […]

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Tips for Helping to Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

“Kids with a rich vocabulary do better in school. The more words kids have at their disposal, the better they are at expressing their thoughts, opinions, beliefs and feelings.” – Dr. Rick Bavaria School certainly plays an important part in helping expand a child’s vocabulary, but the learning certainly doesn’t have to happen only at […]

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Sight Word Activities

When a student is initially learning to read, instruction in phonics often plays a big part, which makes sense – a child can learn to decode most words once they understand the sounds that each of the consonants & vowels make.  But there are many words, including a host of very common words like be, […]

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5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask at a Parent Teacher Meeting

School has been in session for a little over 2 months for most of us. It is now time for progress reports, report cards and parent teacher conferences to begin. At Sylvan we know that this can be a very stressful time for parents, students, and yes, even teachers. That said, we wanted to provide […]

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3 Ways to Promote Literacy with Your Children

Time spent reading to and with your children is extremely important as they develop the skills needed for literacy.

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Sylvan Sponsors Reading Rewards With the Barnstormers

Be on the lookout for Sylvan at all of the Barnstormers School Spirit nights, when students are honored for athletic and academic accomplishments.

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Thanksgiving DIY Turkey

November is here and that means big meals, family gatherings and the kids are home from school. Here is a simple Thanksgiving DIY Turkey that they can do while you have your hands full with making sure everything else is ready for the holiday. The great part is, many of this you might have laying […]

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