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STEM Coding: 4 Reasons Your Child Should Learn It

The current generation of children are growing up around technology, making them what has been termed “digital natives”. While not every child will necessarily work in STEM fields, computers, IT, or the like, it does figure to be important for youth to have a working knowledge of learn how technology operates. Coding – provides an […]

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Summer + Legos = Fun!

Summer is a great time for students to do some hands-on learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, & mathematics. Click the link below to see some of blogger Heather Smith’s cool STEM projects involving LEGOs that you & your child will really enjoy! Summer LEGO Learning by Heather Smith

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After School Activity Ideas for Spring

  Winter is over!  Trees are budding, gardens are coming to life, and the weather is getting warmer. Perhaps your child plays a spring sport, but have you considered an after school activity that is directly educational? Whether it is a program at your child’s school or an activity that you do with your child […]

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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

“STEM is becoming a more and more prominent topic in the mainstream and is something that should be considered by all parents.  Have you noticed that some major companies are putting efforts behind STEM?.” – Kim Vij More & more, the term “STEM” – which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math – has been […]

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How Do You Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time?

“It’s all about how things are used. And how much they’re used. And what they’re used for.” – Patricia Greenfield, researcher How much should children, particularly very young ones, be allowed to use technology?  It’s a thorny issue, but one that is very relevant to ask in this age of the ubiquitous presence of smart […]

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STEM, The Maker Movement, & Sylvan EDGE

One exciting new trend in education is the rise of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs.  Activities in these areas can provide great opportunities for hands-on learning, & they can do wonders for getting the gears turning in the minds of curious kids. Another complimentary trend is the “Maker Movement”.  Increasingly, students are doing […]

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Navigating the Digital Age

Our “tech savvy” youth always seem to be one step ahead when it comes to the latest trend in technology, so it is especially important to stay educated about what’s out there today and how it can be used. Here are some helpful tips about navigating the digital age of education.

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Let the Games Begin! The Benefits of Video Games

I’m sure that I’m not the only parent constantly questioning the pros and cons of video games, so I decided to research and outline what I have discovered.

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Why You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty About Screen Time

It seems like everyday you’re getting new information on the “right” amount of screen time for your child. One day there is a study saying that screen time can make your kid smarter (Yes!) while the next day, there’s a new report highlighting all the ways TV, tablets and more can harm your child (Ugh!).

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