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Test Prep

Test Preparation Tips

“Tests, and the studying that is needed to prepare for tests, can be very stressful and overwhelming for students. Most of the time, students don’t know where to start with all their class materials or how to study the materials in an effective manner.” – Dr. Lynn Fontana, education expert Learning how to take exams […]

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How to Make a Six Month SAT Study Plan

As students near the end of high school & seriously consider what their college options look like, it is important for them to devise a plan for the entrance requirements for their colleges in which they are interested.  Of course, maintaining a high GPA helps greatly; many students need to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, […]

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Why Do I Need Math?

“When will I ever use this stuff?” It seems that this question rings out in middle school & high school Math classrooms all over the country, &, honestly, it is a valid thing to ask, especially when the content is starting to overwhelm a student.  So…why DO students need to learn Math?  There are some […]

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Report Card Disappointment?

“Sure, you can love your child when he or she has just brought home a report card with straight “A’s.” It’s a lot harder, though, to show the same love when teachers call you from school to tell you that your child hasn’t handed in any homework since the beginning of the term.” – The […]

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SAT Do’s and Don’ts

‘Tis the season – that time of year when high school juniors & seniors all over the country are preparing (or are not preparing) for that momentous testing day – that Saturday when they will be sitting down to take their SAT’s.  The prospect can be intimidating for students & parents alike, since the results […]

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How Sylvan Equips Local High School Students for SAT/ACT Success

Jenny knew that she had to achieve a competitive score on the SAT in order to qualify her for admission to and scholarships for the school of her choice. She needed a plan of action.

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Why Your Child Should Take an SAT/ACT Practice Test (Sooner Then You May Think)

Eleventh grade is a tough academic year, and adding the pressure of SAT/ACT testing can be a lot for kids. By signing my daughter up for ACT “practice runs” and prep in 10th grade, she will already be used to these important college entrance exams.

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