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10 Cheesy Math Jokes

Just for fun, take a minute or two to enjoy the light-hearted side of Math.  Here is a list of 10 delightfully corny Math-themed jokes: Q: What do mathematicians eat on Halloween?  A: Pumpkin pi! Q: Why did the math book look so sad? A: Because it had so many problems! Q: Why didn’t the […]

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Why Do I Need Math?

“When will I ever use this stuff?” It seems that this question rings out in middle school & high school Math classrooms all over the country, &, honestly, it is a valid thing to ask, especially when the content is starting to overwhelm a student.  So…why DO students need to learn Math?  There are some […]

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Wise words regarding the College Tour

“One can’t know what one wants until one sees it.” –Wise words from wise parent, Beth Kissilefff, about college planning. From identifying desired career paths to selecting the most suitable school, helping your child prepare for their future can be everything short of easy. Check out the experience and advice Beth offers about how to […]

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