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How Do You Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time?

Kids & Screen Time

“It’s all about how things are used. And how much they’re used. And what they’re used for.” – Patricia Greenfield, researcher

How much should children, particularly very young ones, be allowed to use technology?  It’s a thorny issue, but one that is very relevant to ask in this age of the ubiquitous presence of smart phones, tablets, computers, & televisions.  The popular term for how much kids are allowed to use these devices is commonly called “screen time”.

So, as a parent, how are you to manage this?  NPR Ed has some findings that may prove helpful as you determine what the right balance is for your child.  Read more by clicking the links below.


“Kids & Screen Time: What Does the Research Say?” By Juana Summers


“An Update On Screen Time” by Elissa Nadworny


How do you handle screen time with your child?  Please feel free to comment below to weigh in with your take on the issue – we would love to hear your feedback.