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How Sylvan Equips Local High School Students for SAT/ACT Success

sat-testJenny came to Sylvan last summer as a high school junior with life-size dreams and impressive goals for her future. She lived and breathed softball and was being scouted by some of the biggest schools most-well-known for softball. Jenny had always done very well academically and was looking forward to attending a Division I university where she could pursue her degree of choice and, of course, play softball. Attending graduate school after college was also in her plans.

With these goals in mind, Jenny set her course to do everything academically and athletically necessary to make her dreams a reality. Only, she found herself face-to-face with one very important obstacle—the SAT test. Jenny knew that she had to achieve a competitive score on the SAT in order to qualify her for admission to and scholarships for the school of her choice. She needed a plan of action.

Enter Sylvan Test Prep.

One of the smartest choices made on the path to her success, Jenny enrolled in the Sylvan SAT Prep course. By receiving help from trained and certified SAT instructors, a plethora of paper and online resources—including, and a heaping dose of gusto, Jenny significantly increased her knowledge AND confidence with regards to learning and navigating the world of SAT.

Through individualized instruction, framed around structure and embedded within content and strategy, the Sylvan SAT Prep course not only helped Jenny improve her overall SAT score by more than 300 points at the end of her program, but it helped her to achieve another of her greatest goals. That following fall, Jenny committed to The University of Virginia to play Division I Softball and follow her academic dreams.

With the help of Sylvan Test Prep, students just like Jenny, who are preparing to take the SAT or ACT tests, can and DO achieve the remarkable dreams and goals that they set for themselves and for their academic futures. At Sylvan, learning really is personal, and helping dreams come true is the cherry on the sundae.