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Math Tutoring – How Do Sylvan & Kumon Compare?

Sylvan-Kumon Math Comparison

The new school year is getting underway, & perhaps your child is already getting out of his or her depth in Math class. What is a parent to do, especially if the child in question is working on a level of Math that is also out of YOUR depth? It may be time to look for help. Sylvan Learning and Kumon are two of the options that are available, but which one to choose? The blog post below, from the Sylvan Source blog, gives you some input to help you make an informed decision.

“Parents often wonder, how do Sylvan math and Kumon math programs compare?

It’s a great question — and an important one!

If you have a son or daughter in elementary school and you’re exploring extracurricular math programs, your choice matters. Introducing your child to fun, hands-on experiences with math today can make a lifetime of impact, from greater success in school, to high-demand careers.

An important consideration when choosing math programs

Math EDGE v Kumon_Sylvan Learning_Original_Image 1

When choosing among after-school math programs, it’s important to consider which program works the best for you and your child.

The Kumon math program is designed to help kids build self-learning skills. Kids complete math worksheets at their own pace without receiving instruction from teachers. In addition, the kids leave Kumon with worksheets to complete daily at home. Parents are required to grade the homework and return it to the center.

Math Edge — the Sylvan math program — is designed to make math fun for kids, in addition to strengthening their math and self-learning skills. This program helps your child feel engaged and motivated, all while increasing math speed, accuracy and proficiency.

Keeping kids excited about their math programs is essential for breaking the following trends:

  • Only one in six American high school students is proficient in math and interested in a career in science, technology, engineering or math. (Source: U.S. Department of Education)
  • Traditionally, Canadian students have some of the highest math scores in the world. However, there have been declines in recent years. In the last nine years, Canadian math performance has dipped 14 points. (Source: OECD study)

When you introduce your child to fun, extracurricular math programs like Math Edge, you’ll challenge your child to master critical skills for the future. Just as important, your child will build confidence and have a blast!

How the student experience compares between math programs

Math EDGE v Kumon_Sylvan Learning_Original_Image 2

In both the Sylvan math and Kumon math programs, children progress at their own pace. In addition, both math programs use self-learning activities to help kids develop confidence and independent thinking skills.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Math Edge, the Sylvan math program, focuses on:

  • Fun, kid-friendly activities.Sylvan uses “brain boosters” and puzzles to build your child’s problem solving, spatial reasoning and logic skills. No repetitive drills!
  • Individual and collaborative learning. In addition to individual exercises, the kids work together to tackle cool math challenges. Kids love the format, and it encourages deeper learning and engagement.
  • Camaraderie. Kids prefer new experiences with friends. Sylvan encourages children to sign up for this Sylvan math program with buddies, teammates or siblings for even more fun.



Math EDGE v Kumon_Sylvan Learning_Original_Image 3


Other key differences between Sylvan math and Kumon math

Math EDGE v Kumon_Sylvan Learning_Original_Image 4

Sure, the student experience is important, but you’re interested in academic impact and value too. Specifically, what do Sylvan and Kumon cost?

Sylvan math and Kumon math are both affordable programs. (Pricing varies slightly by location, so for exact prices, it’s best to contact your local center.)

While both math programs have low monthly fees, the Sylvan math program offers more for the money.

In Math Edge at Sylvan, families enjoy:

  • A direct academic impact— the Sylvan math curriculum aligns with college and career readiness standards
  • Full, one-hour sessions
  • FREE online and mobile educational activities
  • A proven rewards system to encourage productivity and to motivate kids for achieving goals
  • Convenient scheduling— Sylvan centers are open daily
  • No homework or assignments that parents need to grade


Does the Sylvan math program sound like a good fit for your family?

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Take the first step today! Learn more about the Math Edge program by visiting the Sylvan Math Edge page. To chat about Sylvan math schedules and pricing, please contact a Sylvan location near you.