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Your child's education is the best investment you can make. It's critical to keep your child engaged with learning and achieving at his or her full potential. We understand what's at stake and we will get your child the results needed to increase his or her confidence.

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Sylvan PA Offers Affordable Tutoring Plans

ScholarshipsFBPost_6.12_843x403Sylvan PA is dedicated to providing the most results and the best tutoring experience to our students and families.  With all that we have to offer, many parents are surprised to learn that Sylvan PA is an effective tutoring option that is also very affordable.  Sylvan Learning in Lancaster and Palmyra is currently introducing several opportunities to make our individualized programs even more accessible and affordable for families.

Each of our individualized programs begins with a Sylvan Insight Assessment which evaluates what students already understand and pinpoints areas where improvement is needed.  The comprehensive Sylvan Insight Assessment is currently being offered for just $99 and is the first step to creating an individual learning plan that will deliver results up to 3-5 times faster than alternative programs.

When they are enrolled, Sylvan students have access to $50,000 worth of materials and equipment that have been proven effective with more than 1 million students nationwide.  IPads are provided to each student for use in the center to complete interactive lessons through our innovative SylvanSync system.  Through mySylvan, an online portal, students also have access to resources at home – helping them to reinforce what they’ve learned and make further progress.  Because students are working with the latest technology, they engage with the lessons and enjoy learning.  Sylvan parents have access to this personalized website as well to receive up-to-date progress reports and parent resources.

This is a great time for you to explore what your child can achieve with Sylvan.  In addition to our Sylvan Insight Assessment special, Sylvan PA has recently begun offering partial-tuition scholarships.  The scholarships are based entirely on financial need and significantly reduce tuition costs for families that would otherwise not be able to afford tutoring services.  For more information about our programs, affordable tutoring services,  or to apply for a scholarship, calls us at 717-723-8939 or contact us.