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Why You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty About Screen Time

Screen-Time_FIt seems like everyday you’re getting new information on the “right” amount of screen time for your child. One day there is a study saying that screen time can make your kid smarter (Yes!) while the next day, there’s a new report highlighting all the ways TV, tablets and more can harm your child (Ugh!). The statistical whiplash is enough to make any parent feel lost. We can all aspire to raising kids without ever turning on the TV or passing over our smartphone or tablet, but we live in the real world and sometimes (or all the time) that’s just not possible. It’s time to let go of the guilt.

It’s not about changing everything, just tweaking your perspective. We know kids are playing games. According to a study from Common Sense Media, 63 percent of children ages 5- to 8-years-old regularly play games on mobile devices. To ease the guilt, it’s important to find the right kinds of education games that can enhance their digital experience and so they’re actually learning something but still having fun.

But wait – a quick look through the Apple App store shows over 100,000 educational game titles. As a parent, are you now expected to feel even guiltier because you’re not about to test drive each app to see what’s right for your kid? NO!

This is why Sylvan Learning developed SylvanPlay – a comprehensive, educational mobile games network for kids in 1st through 4th grade. SylvanPlay helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right educational games and offers a library of Sylvan-approved edutainment apps – all packaged together – that reinforce grade-appropriate lessons and fit within your family’s always-on-the-go lifestyle.

The network – available for download on iOS and Android devices today – currently has nine games that can help build critical skills in reading, math, science, geography, strategic thinking and more. It will continue to expand with new games on an on-going basis, and will soon be available for kids up to 6th grade. Download it today and let the fun and learning – without the guilt – begin!

One of our favorite games, Critter Cruise, is a zany road trip with 32 stops at U.S. landmarks that was designed exclusively for SylvanPlay. With Critter Cruise, kids can test their math and language arts skills as they travel Route 66, Pacific Coast Highway, Eastern Seaboard and Trans Canada Highway. Additionally you can continue to go guilt-free about letting your child play digital games because Critter Cruise aligns to specific grade level content and the Common Core curriculum.

As parents, your role as CEO (chief education officer) is one of your most important job titles and you want to make sure that you’re running a smart household. SylvanPlay works to extend the learning that is already happening in Sylvan Learning centers and provides you and your kids with Sylvan-approved games they know will be fun, educational, and grade-appropriate. By choosing SylvanPlay you can be confident that your kids are turning screen time into brain-building time.