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Fun and Festive Fourth of July Must-Do’s!

handprint flagThis year marks the 238th year since the United States of America declared their freedom.  As Americans, we love to celebrate this day with food, activities and crafts—you know, all the Pinterest-esque essentials!  Speaking of which, have you seen Pinterest lately?  It’s jam-packed with crafts and activities that are PERFECT for all of your July 4th festivities! And, fortunately for us busy folks, there are some really easy and enjoyable ideas that allow for participation from all friends and members of the family.

Here are just a few of the many fun and easy activities, crafts and food ideas that will make you look like the Pinterest pro at your upcoming 4th of July party. Check out our Sylvan PA Pinterest page for these and other example photos and detailed instructions!

Fourth of July Activities:

  • American Flag Relay: Create two teams and have each team line up beside one another at one end of the yard. Next, fill two buckets with a cluster of small, wooden American Flags, and place them at the other end of the yard. When ready, have a person from each team run, one at a time, to retrieve a flag.  The first team to retrieve all of their flags WINS!
  • “America” Word Scramble: Challenge your family and friends to see who can make the most words out of the word “America”!
  • Bean Bag Toss: Take three paper or plastic plates and write a different point amount on each one. Then, spread the plates out in the yard. Lastly, toss bean bags at the plates to try and beat your opponent by scoring more points.

Fourth of July Crafts:

  • Decorated Star: The perfect craft for kiddos young and old! Using white construction paper, cut out a star shape. Then, tear red and blue tissue paper into small pieces and attach them to the star with glue. Let dry and hang on the refrigerator or punch holes in the plate, attach string, and create a banner with your decorated stars!
  • Star Wreath: Cut out red, blue and white paper stars. Then, cut a piece of cardboard into a circular shape; this will be your wreath. Lastly, glue the paper stars to the wreath. Let the wreath dry, and hang on your front door!
  • Handprint Flag: You will need a large, white piece of poster paper and red and blue paint.  Have your family members coat their hands in the red and blue paint to create the stars and stripes out of their handprints, in the respective colors and patterns of the American Flag.

Fourth of July Foods:

  • Flag Waffles: Toast your waffle and fill the waffle squares with blueberries, raspberries and bananas to make the pattern of the American Flag.
  • Festive Jell-O: Make red, blue and white Jell-O, and then put it in a clear container with the colors separated. Voilà! Patriotic finger food!
  • Fruit Flag: Arrange your favorite red and blue fruits (ex: strawberries and blueberries) in the shape of the American Flag on a white platter. Serve and enjoy!