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School’s Out for Summer! Now What?

The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

summercampHere you are again. Face-to-face with summer, and you just caught your breath from celebrating the end of another school year. You might already be asking yourself, “What can I do to avoid the infamous ‘I’m so bored; there’s nothing to do’ speech my child so lovingly boasts each summer?” Two saving words: Summer Camp.

Summer camp has been an engaging pastime for children and adults for over 150 years. Since then, the number and types of camps have grown dramatically. What has remained the same, however, are the positive outcomes camp-goers experience by attending them. Outcomes that not only trump the ‘I’m so bored’ speeches, but dominate at evolving areas of social, emotional, and academic growth as well.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of sending your child to one of these camps this summer.

Sports Camps- From soccer to swimming and football to field hockey, attending athletic camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to enhance his or her teamwork abilities and engage in games and activities that promote self-discipline. Check with your child’s school or your local rec center to find out which sports camps are being offered near you this summer. You might also be interested in the camps being offered at the new Spooky Nook Sports complex.

Technology Camps- Have an aspiring computer programmer on your hands? Consider sending your child to a technology camp where he or she can pioneer the digital world while exercising a newly developed sense of entrepreneurship. Technology camps are the perfect place to practice positive leadership and build self-confidence. Read more about the I.D. Tech Camps that are offered on university campuses near you.

Adventure Camps- Exploration, experimentation, and implementation of primitive survival skills are just a few highlights of adventure camps. Send your child to an adventure camp this year so he or she can build new friendships, conquer new ventures with confidence, and excel at positive risk-taking! Visit to see what adventure can look like for your child this summer!

Art Camps- Drama, sculpture, music, film, painting…the list can go on for miles. The wonderful world of art is enthralling, and art camp is a place where your child can express themselves through a variety of creative genres.  If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to encourage effective communication and expand comprehension and multi-sensory skills for your child, art camp is the answer for you! For a list of art camps being offered this summer, visit

Academic Camps- I know, I know. The school year just ended and the thought of more “school work” probably doesn’t sound like the solution to your ‘I’m bored’ problem. BUT! Not all academic camps involve paper, pencil and homework, and research confirms that continuous learning opportunities during the summer months prevent the damaging results of summer learning loss. That said, why not look into the fun and engaging academic camps being offered at Sylvan this summer, and experience why summer learning is the best way to ensure success for the next school year!