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Sensory Play Benefits

Kindergarten is right around the corner for our family.  My daughter will be starting school and I am nervous.  Not for the reasons that you would think, though.  My daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder.  As an educator, I have seen children struggle through sensory activities at school.  As a mother, I don’t want my daughter to have that experience for the first time in a foreign environment.  So I have incorporated some activities at home to help her become comfortable with sensory exploration.

Listed below, you can find four ways that I have found to expose my daughter to sensory play.

1.    Oats and Salt Bins

Materials:  Oats, Salt, Plastic Table Cloth, Cups, and Bins. 

In one bin, put a few cups of oats.  In the second bin, put in a few cups of salt.  Give the children a couple of cups and bowls. Set the activity on a plastic table cloth and let them go to town.

2.    Shaving Cream Letters and Numbers

Materials:  Any plastic table or plastic tablecloth and shaving cream. 

Spray the shaving cream onto the table top and allow the children to smear it around.  They can write letters and numbers and then smear again to start anew.  Eventually the shaving cream evaporates so this activity is a very simple clean up and keeps the kiddos occupied for some time.

3.    Play Doh

Materials:  Homemade Play Doh

Once the play doh is ready to go, allow the children to make whatever they like.  Supply cups, caps, cookie cutters, and allow their imagination to run wild.

4.    Bright and Colorful Sensory Bags Sensory-bags-and-pick-a-spot-012

Materials Needed:  Ziploc Bags, Dollar Store Hair Gel, Food Coloring, Trinkets

Mix the gel and food coloring together in the Ziploc bag.  Once you have enough to allow movement, put in any small toy and seal the bag.  Now let them have fun moving the toys around in the colorful gel.

These are only some of the many activities that are available to allow your children to enjoy waking up their senses.  At Sylvan, we cater to all children, whether that would be to supply manipulatives or allowing them time to refocus.  We work with children who require special needs, and we embrace that, as we create programs that are individualized to allow for ALL children to get the education that they deserve!

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