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Talking with Your High Schooler About Grades

How to Talk to Your High Schooler About Grades

High school is a highly formative time in a person’s life – a time of dependence on parents, but also of spreading one’s own wings in independence, as well as the tension between the two.  As a parent, you probably know to steer clear of micro-managing your teen’s life, yet you also want to be involved, and you know that a totally “laissez-faire” (“hands-off”) approach isn’t right either – teens need some structure & guidance.

Add in to this the already potentially thorny issue of grades, & it is easy to see why parents may see talking with their high schoolers about grades as a challenge.  Sylvan’s Dr. Rick Bavaria has some helpful tips as to how to handle this situation.  Click the link below to read on.

How to Talk with Your High Schooler About Grades by Dr. Rick Bavaria