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The Swimming Pool: Summer’s Coolest Classroom!

PoolScrabbleIt happens every year. The blissful combination of warm, sunshiny summertime and the swimming pool turns children into human fish who splash about day in and day out. Ever consider sneaking a little summer learning activities in the fun by cleverly transforming the swimming pool into a classroom? Well, MOVE OVER, Marco Polo, there are some NEW swimming pool games in town! But, shhh. It’ll be our little secret, Mom and Dad. Don’t tell the kids that they’ll be learning as they play!

Here are just a few fun and creative summer learning activities that are sure to make a splash in the pool this summer.

1. Swimming Pool Scrabble

Materials Needed: sponges, scissors, and a permanent marker

Create your own floating scrabble pieces and splash up some fun! For younger children, have them collect letters and put them in alphabetical order. For older children, have them race to create the longest word with the most letters. There’s endless word-fun options, so don’t be afraid to get adventurous and put your own twist on the game!

2. Diving for Treasure

Materials Needed: 2 or 3 sets of diving rings or diving sticks

First, label each colored ring or stick with a value. For example, red= 10, blue= 5, green= 2. Toss the rings or sticks around the pool, spreading them apart for a greater challenge. Give your child a number or math equation and have them dive for the rings or sticks that equal the correct value. You can have younger students practice number recognition and simple addition or subtraction, while older students can practice multiplication or division problems.

3. Beach Ball Toss

Materials Needed: inflatable beach ball, permanent marker

Round up some inexpensive, inflatable beach balls and have a “ball” quizzing your kiddos on their math facts. Using a permanent marker, label the beach ball with numbers, equations, or word problems. Have your children toss the ball to one another and answer the questions on which their thumb lands. Want an interactive way to also reinforce reading comprehension? Instead of numbers, write literary questions on the panels of the beach ball and quiz your child on a story they’ve recently read.

4. Patterns with Pool Noodles

Materials Needed: various colored pool noodles, box cutter, permanent marker, rope

This ingenious spin on number, letter, and color patterns is perfect for pre-schoolers and even kindergarteners!

5. Sight Word Dive

Materials Needed: diving sticks, packing tape, and a permanent marker

Similar to the Diving for Treasure game, this enjoyable dive game pairs the fun in diving for toys with the practice of recognizing and reading grade-appropriate sight words.

6. Floating Toad Toss’n Bean Bag Game

Materials Needed: Floating Toad Toss’n Bean Bag Game

This super-fun bean bag toss for pool or land play includes a lily pad target and floating bean bags shaped like frogs. Children of all ages will have a blast competing to score the most points as they practice adding up their total scores.

7.  Water Balloon Sight Words

Materials Needed: water balloons and a black permanent marker

Begin by filling the water balloons with enough water to allow for them to float and not burst. Then, write age-appropriate sight words on each of the balloons, and place the balloons in the swimming pool. Call out a sight word, and have your child swim to find the balloon labeled with the correct word. Change up the game, and write the answers to math equations on the balloons instead!

8. Swimming Pool Frisbee Toss

Materials Needed: Frisbees, sponges, permanent marker

Are you the proud owner of a kiddie pool? Then this is the ideal game for you! Suitable for children at all learning levels, this game is easily adaptable for math and reading skills for all ages.  Learn how hassle-free and entertaining this DIY game can be!

REMINDER! Before you dive into any one of these great swimming pool learning activities, it is extremely important to ALWAYS put safety first, and ensure that all participants are appropriately supervised in and around the swimming pool.