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Overcoming Summer Boredom

BootCamp1Summer is filled with fun and sun, which is great and very much needed. However, how will I prepare my son to enter middle school? The years of writing papers and endless tests and homework are upon us.

Sylvan Learning Center of Lancaster and Palmyra sat down to decide what to offer our communities’ this summer in way of activities and we decided on our Sylvan Study Skills Boot Camp. I know, I know, it sounds rough, it’s not.

Our new Back to School Boot Camp will give your child the skills and confidence needed for success – both in and out of the classroom. Students will learn critical study skills strategies, including how to:

  • Set goals for the upcoming year
  • Organize schoolwork and study areas
  • Learn time management skills
  • Learn strategies to address learning preferences
  • Assess and successfully tackle all learning situations

This camp will be held the first week of August, every day for two hours a day. So there will still be time to go to the pool or the park. In addition, your son or daughter can get prepared for the upcoming school year and you can have a much needed break from the inevitable, “I’m bored,” every parent dreads.

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