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Your child's education is the best investment you can make. It's critical to keep your child engaged with learning and achieving at his or her full potential. We understand what's at stake and we will get your child the results needed to increase his or her confidence.

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Learning Resources

Learning Resources for Parents and Students

If you’re looking for ways to make your child more successful in school (and in life), you’ve come to the right place. Our learning resources are designed to help you navigate your child’s education, and the great news is they’re free and they’re fun!


Interactive Sylvan Websites

  • Book Adventure
    Book Adventure is a website designed to motivate your child to read by awarding prizes for their reading success. Learn More
  • Fit4Algebra
    Algebra is a critical stepping stone in a child’s future. Take the free 21-question Algebra Readiness Check-up to see if your child is ready for algebra.
    Learn More
  • Learning Styles Quiz
    Find out which of the three primary learning styles works best for your child with our online quiz. Learn More
  • Math Prep
    Stuck or confused on a math problem? Access information on hundreds of topics. Learn More


Sylvan Blogs


Homework Help

Study Tips

Math Help

Reading Help

Test Taking Tips



Elementary Math

Math Resources

  • Sylvan Math Prep
    Are you stuck on a math problem, or confused about a new concept you learned about in class? Use Sylvan’s online Math Prep to help you move forward with your studies. Learn More
  • Fit4Algebra
    This free 21-questions Algebra Readiness Check-up will help to determine if you are ready to tackle algebra. Learn More
  • Workbooks
    Find math workbooks that can help you keep up in class and increase your knowledge of what you are learning in school. Learn More

Reading Resources

  • Random House Page Per Day
    Use this site for sample pages from our proven workbooks to catch up, keep up and get ahead! Learn More
  • Book Adventure Website
    Book Adventure is a fun, free way for you to read. Search for books, read them offline and then come back to take a quiz on what you’ve read. Earn prizes for your reading success! Learn More
  • Workbooks
    Find reading workbooks that can help you keep up in class and increase your knowledge of what you are learning in school. Learn More


College Prep





Social Media

  • Pinterest
    Find fun activities, book recommendations and tons of resources that make learning fun. Learn More
  • Facebook
    Find recent blog articles, news items, and feedback from teachers and students. Learn More
  • Twitter
    Great ideas for learning in 140 characters or less! Learn More
  • YouTube
    Learn all about Sylvan through video and find great testimonials from students! Learn More