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Your child's education is the best investment you can make. It's critical to keep your child engaged with learning and achieving at his or her full potential. We understand what's at stake and we will get your child the results needed to increase his or her confidence.

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Sylvan vs. Tutoring

Proven Results, Millions of Successful Students and Counting

At Sylvan, results matter. We’re committed to ensuring every child advances in our programs and we’ve got a track record of millions of successful students.

We know academic results are important to you. Our programs align with state and Common Core standards, ensuring what your child learns at Sylvan is being reflected in the classroom. Sylvan students have significantly improved their math and reading scores, up to two to three times more than non-Sylvan students.

Sylvan vs. Tutoring

We dig much deeper than other tutoring companies and the unique insight we gather allows us to create a personal learning plan, match your child with a qualified teacher and get your child the results needed to boost his or her confidence.

Learning Plans as Unique as Your Child

The learning plan we create for your child is 100% uniquely
tailored to them. We identify his or her exact needs with
Our Skills Assessment and create a plan just for your child.

Qualified Teaching Experts

Other tutors may be experts in their fields, but Sylvan instructors are expert teachers AND experts in their fields. We use research-based methodologies, proven to improve academic success.

Proven Results, Every Time

We have a proven track record for success. Sylvan has helped millions of students for over 30 years achieve success in school and beyond, and the Lancaster and Palmyra locations alone have helped over 3500 students.

  • "....Honestly, of all the things I've done throughout my few education years thus far, Sylvan is easily the most influential and beneficial program that I've participated in...."

  • "....We found friendly, knowledgeable tutors with the patience and persistence to positively impact my son’s school performance and his attitude towards learning...priceless!...."

  • "....They have brushed up on things, been exposed to new things and gotten much better at all their reading and math skills....."

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